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Buzz Murphy Mqaster of Ceremonies   BransonAmerica Entertainment is not a booking agency.  For over thirty years, in one form or another, we have produced entertainment programs specifically for clients and their event.

Clients use our services for very personalized attention to their needs and requirements.  We custom produce, hire talent and direct the performance for the client.

In some circles this is referred to as a "contactor."  A contractor is the person or firm that might assemble the studio orchestra to record a movie score, or employ the musicians for a television awards show broadcast.  As a contractor, BransonAmerica Entertainment tailors the talent (musicians, actors, singers) to the exact needs of the performance.

Through the 'Seventies and Eighties' the company was known as "Prestige Entertainment" and had a sister company "Texas Concerts" that produced concerts throughout the Southwest.  Working with every major talent booking company, Prestige Entertainment produced and packaged hundreds of stage and musical performances for conventions, hotels, television and special events around the country.

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