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Name of Group


Buzz Murphy Orchestra     (Dance Band / ComboSize)

Number of Performers   6 to 9 Musicians, and optionally 1 to 3 Vocalists

The orchestra consists of Trumpet, Sax, Trombone, Bass, Piano Drums.  It can expand to
9 players by adding Sax 2, Guitar, and Percussion.  The additional players offer a much fuller sound.  Generally, this group is booked with a vocalist.  Every player is an accomplished studio musician.  Musician dress is Tuxedo unless otherwise specified during booking.

Musical Style   This is the optimal size group for standard dances.  Book the 6 piece group and two vocalists.

This group features complete small band, full sounding musical arrangements.  The performers are reading musical arrangements throughout the performance.  The "book" includes recognizable favorites from the "Big Band Era", the 50's thru 80's, Jazz Tunes, Dixieland Tunes, Dinner Music Tunes and Rock and Roll.  Featured vocalists add to the mix by bringing their unique song styling's and arrangements.  The music performance library also includes authentic German Octoberfest music.  For versatility, the group does not work with a "set list" but calls songs appropriate for the audience and the specific time during the performance.  This "live music" presentation style insures a versatile and entertaining performance.

Setup Requirements   The 6 piece group requires a minimum of 16 feet x 8 feet of floor space.  If specifying a hotel stage, use 2 sections deep by three sections across as a minimum.  This group can setup indoors or outdoors and is very versatile in location.  If outdoors during the day, the area should be covered.  110v 15amp (one wall outlet)  power must be available to the performance area.  A break area or spare room for cases and breaks is welcome.
Time Availability   This group is available for 1-4 hours with a two hour minimum.  Overtime is charged at 1.5 times the hourly rate after
the contracted performance period. 
Break Schedule   The group takes fifteen minute breaks on the hour.  This can be modified to include speeches, presentations and special events. 
Special Music
and Planning Extras
  This group is very versatile.  Special wedding music, wedding dances, fanfares or specific songs may be requested at time of contracting.  Requests during the performance will be honored if possible.  This group has much experience with live shows, wedding receptions and other special situations requiring planning and versatility.  Please discuss your plans during contracting.  This group can also form the Buzz Murphy Quartet or The Dixieland Guys for dinner music or cocktail welcome music in the same or an alternate location.
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